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bring the kids home to stay

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this is our sleep-out model for the kids in the back yard connected to your power and showering and of course eating inside; measurements: 12' x 8' plus deck for $14,995 (or you can rent to own at $420/mth over 4 years and then pay just $1.00 to own it outright :)

HEMPTASTIC - modern, healthy and affordable

With house prices going to the moon this modern 100 square foot room is the perfect solution for your "
can't afford the deposit" kids trying their hardest to save every penny.

Why not bring them home to an affordable yet modern and cosy room out doors that they can take pride in ownership over a short time while they save for their dream home.

Cabin Sizes:
12' x 8' = < 100f2 (NO deck) =
$420/mo OAC
16' x 8' = 128f2 (WITH deck) =
$494/mo OAC
20' x 8' = 160f2 (deck, bathroom, kitchen) =
$1042/mo OAC
(after 4 years of un-interrupted automatic monthly payments you pay just $1.00 to transfer ownership)


- Light 20 gauge Steel framing
- LED Lighting
- Sliding French door + 2 cross-vent windows
- Fully insulated with Hemp+Wool
- 2x power points
- Allergen-Free underlay/carpet
- Hardwood decking
- Internal lining: Magnesium Oxide Board
- Paint: Mineral
- Maintenance-free color steel cladding (range of colors)
- EMF protected (optional - add $4200)
- Transportable (freight additional)

- Minimum 6 month lease
- After 4 years of un-interrupted rent the cabin will be yours for just $1.00

We can also custom build to order; contact us to discuss your requirements

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