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Hemp roots can be used in various forms, including as a natural topical remedy for bone and muscle aches, swelling and generalized pain. It can also help rejuvenate circulation and promote cell growth, as well as encourage deep tissue healing.

The healing properties of the Hemp root can be found as far back as the writings of Pliny (circa 77-79 CE). The Ancient Greeks wrote about the benefits of the boiled root for muscle aches, broken bones and as a poultice for treating burns. Modern medicine is also rediscovering the amazing properties of Hemp root.

Medicinal use of Hemp Root originated in Central Asia and was cultivated in China as early as 2,800 B.C. The first recordings attributing to the healing powers of Hemp root was by Chinese pharmacopoeia. Around 2,000 B.C., Ancient Egypt gave the world one of its first medical texts, the ”Ebers Papyrus”. It contains some 800 recipes and refers to Hemp root remedies several times. In Medieval Europe physicians prescribed the root to alleviate the agonies of gout and other painful diseases. The root was also made into an oiled salve for burns. Warmed oiled Hemp root paste was massaged into sore muscles and used for arthritis, easing swelling and painful joints. Among the vast array of useful native American plants is Hemp. Listed for its ability to ease pain, reduce swelling and soothe a variety of disorders. Although the Hemp root has no THC, it locks in the healing elements of ”Cannasativine”, that has proven to be a great anti-inflammatory painkilling agent with deep penetration.

Facts Behind Hemp Root Oil
In 1971, researchers found the roots of the hemp plant contained terpenes, which provide the fragrance for which cannabis is so widely known. Some of these terpenes, such as isoprene [C5H8], have been found to have an expectorant and humectant effect, which makes them viable for bronchial treatments.
Friedelin is a terpene specific to the root of the hemp plant, and is just one of the reasons hemp oils are so biochemically diverse, offering relief for many ailments. This particular terpene is analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic.

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There are many uses of the cannabis plant therapeutically. One of the reasons it is so bioavailable is because it is lipophilic, meaning that it can be dissolved into fat-soluble substances and cross the cell membrane. Modern-day research has shown hemp root oil to be beneficial for:

Arthritis, Burns, Dry/chapped skin, Eczema, Headaches or migraines, Insect bites, Muscle soreness, Pain, Psoriasis, Rashes, Rheumatism, Stiff neck, Swelling, Sunburns, Tendonitis.

Hemp Roots have
TriTerpenoids that have been used for their Naturally occurring Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal and Free Radical Scavenger which can all lead to Anti-Inflammation in the body.

Uses include skin care, foods, beverages, medicine, natural health products, sports supplements, tooth paste, to name a few

The healing effects of topical hemp oil treatments go beyond the above ailments. There is now evidence that it may effectively treat certain types of skin cancers. This is due to the previously discussed constituents of Omega 3’s and 6’s, as well as gamma linoleic acid (GLA). In fact, the concentration of GLA in the hemp plant is 5 percent higher than that of any other known source. GLA promotes healthy skin growth and is effective in helping to treat many ailments and diseases, including cancer of the breast and skin.


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