Investment Opportunities

The world's population is increasing and although we have virtually unlimited oil reserves on our planet, do we want to continue breathing all that toxic air when we can just as easily adopt "carbohydrate" (renewable) based materials?

Industrial Hemp WILL play a major role in the future of our planet by locking in
Green House Gasses (GHG’s) and sequestering Co2 from the atmosphere. Every part of the Industrial Hemp plant can be used for food, fuel, housing, clothing and transport.

To continue educating and create more green jobs, Hemp Technologies seeks
Patrons and supporters to help with funding of:

  1. Growing Hemp
  2. Processing Hemp
  3. Building with Hemp
  4. Panel systems
  5. Development Projects
  6. Seminars and Workshops
  7. Distribution channels to market

For a limited time only we are inviting hemp advocates who have previously expressed interest in owning a piece of Hemp Technologies to buy a limited number of shares. If you have not received an invitation from us and would like to know more,
click here to complete the Expression of Interest form.