Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference?

Indica vs sativa leaf

Industrial Hemp is poised to revolutionise our world. It's legal to grow in New Zealand under license to
Ministry of Health. Hemp produces super-strong fibres, oils, medicines and much, much more…..over 25,000 products! We can create building materials, animal bedding, textiles, dietary supplements, food, eco-friendly lubricants and even car parts!

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The first fully approved hemp homes are already under construction in New Zealand, with many more in the pipeline around the country.

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Use HempBed for pets, small and large animals. Chemical free, low dust and very high absorbency.

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Hemp Foods
All our hemp oils, seeds cake, protein powders and flours are made to a food grade standard however because of New Zealand/Australia food laws (FSANZ) we can only promote ”animal grade” hemp seed products here……

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